Alexander Badong Yano, born on June 13, 1953 to the late Iñigo Yano and Gloria Badong, both retired public school teachers of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, is the eldest in a brood of 5 (which includes Brig.-Gen. Cesar B. Yano, a Philippine Defense and Armed Forces Attaché, a diplomat in Washington D.C. and a Philippine Military Academy Class 1980 graduate). The 1970 census The giant dioramas at the second floor depict approximately 400 species of marine life specimens collected from the vicinities of Zamboanga, Basilan, and Sulu archipelago. We will present all relative entries we receive and others that we discover. still speak Caviteño. Tradition a. In 1607, some 200 natives became formal converts to Christianity. A city official said this was to preserve the arts and culture of increasing number of Indigenous Peoples in Zamboanga del Sur and its adjacent provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Sibugay. Although that wish may be futile, we can start with what we have today. As the name implies, Zamboanga del Norte has two cities, Dipolog and Dapitan, which are rich in history and culture. Expose yourself, and your art! Source: Ethnologue, 13th Edition, Barbara F. Grimes, Editor. listed speakers in 60 of the 66 provinces. Patron Saint of Zamboanga City: Nuestra Señora del Pilar Holy Week - Easter (March/April) Flores de Mayo (May 1 - 31) The Catholic churches or parishes in honor of … flower, variety, musical, and other cultural shows; a Miss Zamboanga beauty pageant and parade; a city fair; an ethnic carnival parade; various games; and the grand fireworks display. Although there are inter-marriages between the settlers across the decades, the distinction of each of their cultures have been well-documented, both in their arts and dance, as well as in the artifacts that have been preserved and passed down to their … We will help bring the world to Zamboanga City, and in return, the City will give back to the world its proper place in history. of artifacts and written evidence of what is our own characteristic style of artistic and social expression. Reserved. google_ad_width = 120; People, Culture and the Arts. Each and everyone of us has the means to make a difference, no matter how small the contribution. Rizal Zamboanga Del Norte Pricess Maniway Park So many years ago, a placed called Maniway was a thick forestland inhabited by non-Christian natives called Subanos, or River people. An alleged Abu Sayyaf Group member was killed in a shootout with operatives from the Philippine National Police – Anti-Kidnapping Group on early Wednesday at Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte. Countless, and quite priceless, artifacts dating back to over a thousand years have been excavated in the early 1900s by American archaeologists during their occupation of the Philippines in the vicinities of Zamboanga and Mindanao. Long before the Spanish colonizers came to the country, Zamboanga del Norte was already the “peaceful paradi se” of the shy and timid Subanons who lived along river or “suba” banks in the province. We will serve as your Virtual Art Gallery, providing exposure of your works of art to a global audience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The major language of Zamboanga city; used in radio, newspapers, and primary education. It has a staff of eight (8). //-->, Copyright © 1997-2007®. Another structure that has just been completely restored will showcase the Chavacano culture. In due time, Dapitan became a Christian stronghold in Mindanao.