The magnets are hand polished Alnico magnet 5 magnets which due to the overwound coils produce the best sound that only single-coil pickups can deliver. The coil in the middle pickup has been reverse-wound or comes with reverse polarity. The Best Strat Pickups of 2020 – [Reviews & Buyers Guide],, The SSL4 produces a remarkably clean sound at lower volumes and is powerful only at higher volumes. Using the Hot Noiseless pickup design for the neck will give you warm, charming and punchy tone with a bluesy feel all over it. Available in center mount and staggered. **[Editor’s Choice]** If you are looking for a good quality strat pickup … Thanks to modern pickup construction, the same amazing vintage sound of the single-coil is found on budget-friendly models too. So the problem was at the bridge. You get the amazing sound of a single-coil without the brittle sound that is usually the case with inferior ceramics. The bridge is well made and installation was easy. But you will need to add a reverse-wound pickup for the middle position in order to cancel hum. For strat guitars, the pickup configuration is denoted as SSS which means that three single-coil pickups are placed on the guitar with spacing in between. Wilkinson Prototype. This is exactly what the Seymour Duncan SSL4 strat pickup can do. This new Trevor Wilkinson bridge system is a drop in replacement for the classic Gotoh 510 two-post bridge system, and Pete Thorn has been using a prototype for around six months on his Suhr signature model guitar.. During the video that Pete posted online he goes over its design and how Trev Wilkinson gave one to him a the NAMM show to try out. It's the best sounding guitar I own. A strat has multiple sites of friction where the strings have a tendency to 'hang'. It is a single-coil strat pickup set that will give you everything needed for a good sounding guitar. Saw this morning, that the Wilkinson WLS130 Locking Steel Saddles are now on Wilkinson Direct Reverb Shop for $78.59. Installing these strat pups is a breeze as it comes with everything you need in the box. The best part is that you can fix these pickups on your non-fender guitars and reproduce the great sound of an original Fender. It is a single-coil pickup that gives maximum output while maintaining the warmth of your guitar tone and providing great shape to the highs. Great sounding bridge, great build quality. Put a Wilkinson on my crappy Epiphone black beauty. Luckily, we’ve simplified this process for you by putting together some reviews and comparisons of the best strat pickups on the market according to sales and user reviews. Whether it is hard rock or blues rock or classic rock, this start pickup can handle all kinds of rock music. Never ever buy cheap pickups for your strat guitar when you can buy these budget-friendly pickups that will give cheap ones a run for their money. It also comes at half the cost of some high-end pickups giving you more value for your money. It also helps to ask for a recommendation from friends or fellow musicians. But the over winding takes care of this and gives a uniform output in all positions. This single-coil pick employs the non-staggered pole piece design for that incredible vintage sound. The pickup is made of rod magnets which have overwound coils to give that explosive sound to make everyone take notice of you. The pickup placement changes for each guitar type and is also known as the pickup configuration. The output DC resistance of the neck pickup is 5.5k while that of the middle pickup and the bridge pickup are 5.6 k. This 3pc pickup set will bring out the classic vintage sound from your guitar and let you play everything from rock to blues to hard rock to metal and much more. So what essentially happens is that the reduced movement of the string produces lesser voltage and consequently a lesser volume level than the other positions. The TRS3 may be inspired by the very first strat pickups but their construction takes advantage of the modern design which is more accurate and consistent. But don’t worry about static and other noise being amplified as the output is very quiet and might get noisy only if you increase the gain too much.