Don't risk doing a workout improperly! So instead of plodding along on the treadmill, try these drills from fitness expert and certified kickboxing instructor Jessica Smith to burn calories and work your arms, abs, shoulders, back, and legs at the same time. Yet despite being relatively simple to do (no equipment needed, no complicated moves to remember, etc. (That's just the beginning. Butt kicks are a great addition to your workout, particularly if you're a runner. This is the starting position. Have you heard about the Donkey kick exercise? Donkey Kick Exercises: Get Your Booty in Gear Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, M.S., R.D., L.D., CDE — Written by Nicole Bowling, CPT — … Kickboxing workouts are a fun and effective cardio option that engage almost every muscle in your body (and your brain! EXERCISE BENEFITS. Scissor kick your feet front-to-back rapidly to help keep you afloat. Your legs should also be extended. Point your toes and keep your legs straight as you kick. Most likely not! Avoid injury and keep your form in check with in-depth instructional videos. This is the latest fitness mantra that people are swearing by. ), too. Step 2: Exhale and bend at your waist while raising your legs and arms to meet in a jacknife movement. This exercise tightens the abdominal wall, helps define the waist and, because it keeps your body moving constantly, boosts your heart rate and burns more calories. The v sit bicycles engages your whole core and strengthens your abs, obliques, and lower back. It is a part of aerobics and both men and women can do it easily. The ab kick-out works the rectus abdominis in the middle of your abdomen and the deeper transversus abdominis. They strengthen the hamstrings, and they can improve your running form. ), V ups are one of my favorite abdominal exercises ever, which is why you see them included in so many of the 12 Minute Athlete workouts.. If you have low back issues, tight hip flexors … Repeat this movement for … The scissor kick is an intermediate-level exercise that requires strength in your core and lower body. Ab Exercises: Kick-outs. If you are fighting cellulite, this is the exercise routine for you! Step 3: Lower your arms and legs back to the starting position, inhaling as you do so. Besides increasing muscle tone, the exercise also improves your posture, stability and balance. How to do V-Up: Step 1: Lie down on the floor on your back with your arms extended straight back behind your head.