I have 7 straight run silverudds blue chicks for sale. $20.50. The chicks hatched from blue parents can be blue, black, or splash. Here is the general rule when breeding blue/black/splash Blue x Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black, 25% Splash Blue x Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash Blue x Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black Black x Splash = 100% Blue Roosters have shimmering metallic hackles that overlay deep blue … The 1st import had vitality and fertility issues. Not at Sunbird Farms…. With our chicks and chickens for sale online, we make it simple to get quality poultry delivered straight to your home. Pre- ordered chicks for a July 31 shipping. From June – October the minimum order for shipped chicks is 6. Here is a picture of some of my hens' eggs from last year: That is a quarter in the picture with the eggs and if I remember right, they were in the 62g-67g range. We had a couple of hens brood chicks for the first time this year and they are amazing mothers. It may increase hatch rate. Silverudd's can be free ranged and also do well in a confined area. Followed all directions explicitly. Silverudds Blue were bred as a production breed to lay lots of large to extra-large eggs despite their small size. Silverrudd's Blue (Isbar) or SIlverudd's Bla, formerly known as the Blue Isbar or Isbar Bla. Read more about blue genetics in our Help Desk Article. Characteristics; Average weight: roosters 36 oz, hens 34 oz. There are a few varieties of Isbar, and Greenfire Farms was lucky enough to locate one of the last remaining flocks of blue Isbars, the most spectacular variety of the breed. Ixworth Hatching Eggs Available Now from Sunbird Farms! Some are blue and some are splash. And, auto-sexing chickens produced a rainbow of egg colors: blue (Legbar), white (Fifty Five Flowery Hen), dark brown (Welbar), tan (Rhodebar), cream (Niederrheiner), and green (Isbar, although their auto-sexing function is iffy). Lessons Learned about the American Bresse...Two Years On. Brand New. If you are wanting a beautiful flock of birds to enjoy or want to join the debilitation of this breed, then this is an excellent choice! Isbars are also known as Silverudds Blue after the breeds creator Swedish monk and geneticist Martin Silverudd. $10.50. Silverrudd's Blue (Isbar)  or SIlverudd's Bla,  formerly known as the Blue Isbar or Isbar Bla. FOR SALE - Asheville, NC - We are taking orders for ours spring and summer hatches of Isbar chicks. ***We have 1st and 2nd GFF imports. The Bielefelder hens lay upwards of 200 eggs per year. Pastured and fed fermented, non-GMO feed. Isbar Chickens are one of the many chicken breeds created by a Catholic Monk named Martin Silverudd in the 1950’s in Sweden. A delightfully thrifty forager, these hardy chickens will fill your fridge with beautiful blue-green eggs. The Isbar (pronounced: ice-bar) was created by Martin Silverudd in Sweden, around the 1980s. I really did not know what I was going to do with them as I pretty much was full and had no room to put them. Welcome to the Bluemont General Store website! Time left 14h 21m left. Our Isbar eggs are like a box of chocolates. We have many breeds available including Ameraucana, Wyandotte, Cochin, Ancona, and many other rare varieties. 5 weeks old. They were imported into the United States by Greenfire Farms in Florida in 2011 and then again with new lines in 2013. Though watchful and alert for predators they are very calm with people. Proudly created with Wix.com. They are very alert birds and therefor do well in an outdoor environment. There is no standard for this breed. We are working towards a standard that creator Mr.Silverudd was trying to perhaps obtain. In addition to the different shades of green you find in the eggs the birds also come in black, blue or splash. Many stores use chickens to lure you into the store in order to purchase more things. We have so many different chicks and chickens for sale online that have different qualities depending on the breed. The Silverudds Blue are cold hardy yet do very well here in the heat of Texas. Hatched on my farm from breeder - not hatchery - stock; parents carry blue, black, and splash genes, and are from two different bloodlines. You will receive hatchery choice colors when ordering. Bielefelder chickens earned this nickname due to their many desirable features, such as being a dual purpose breed as well as breeding true auto sexing. As with all blue chickens, our Silverudds will come in Blue, Black and Splash coloring. We are more than happy to share our breeding progress with you and help you with any tips for those wanting to breed.