Recipe Notes: NOTE: Do not just add the powder to the hot coffee, it will not dissolve. If the protein powder is added to hot liquid, it won't mix and it does release a gas as it cooks. Hot protein mess spewed all over the counter as the cap flew off due to the added pressure. Pour hot coffee into the blender first. The science of collagen thermal degradation, and why hot coffee does not damage collagen; Research-backed benefits of collagen protein supplementation; Why putting collagen powder in your coffee turns your morning 'joe into a veritable superfood Collagen powder will give your coffee a boost. 1-1/2 cup of hot brewed coffee; 1/2 cup of organic, unsweetened almond milk; 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil; 1 scoop of organic protein powder of choice ; ½ teaspoon organic cinnamon; After brewing hot coffee, use a large blender to … Add whey protein to your coffee by stirring it in, or combine coffee and whey in a blender for a foamy beverage with a cappuccino-esque consistency. Starbucks has a host of high-protein drinks, and even the Whey Protein Institute has an explainer on how to add powder to your coffee. Add collagen protein powder after you start the blender. Whisk together hot water and protein powder until well combines, smooth and creamy. In its simplest form, protein coffee refers to coffee-rich protein powders that are added to cold water to make refreshing smoothies Because protein powder can mix better with cold drinks than hot drinks, most commercial protein coffee manufacturers suggest drinking protein coffee as a chilled beverage. Also, don’t be afraid to add some milk to help everything smooth out. Don’t pour hot coffee over your protein powder – the drink is going to be full of gelled clumps and no matter how much you’re going to stir; the protein is still going to end up stuck on the bottom of your coffee … BULLETPROOF COFFEE. How to Make It. 1 cup black hot coffee ½ scoop grass-fed unflavored collagen powder 1 Tbsp ghee. Mix some collagen into your coffee. Remove insert of blender cover for steam to escape. I've tried it before in one of those covered shakers with a whisk ball built in. Hot coffee mixes best, and you wanna make sure you aren’t adding too much protein powder, otherwise you will have a viscous sludge. Add a Tbsp of ghee. Mix protein mixture in with brewed coffee and enjoy! Blend well for a foamy beverage and enjoy.