Our siblings hadn't a chance! maybe there is a way of bringing them back and hopefully they will. last year i asked my dad, who has since passed away if he remembered the cookie and he could not. However, I do not remember them by that name. everyone is on the lookout for them. just last night 3 of us were trying, I, along with all the other Your page came up when a colleague and I googled, trying to I was born in 66 and can still remember where my Mother baby boomers cookies Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Serial Number 76192392 Filing Date favorite. thumbnail Nov 16, 2013 - Nabisco nostalgia # 1: Marshmallow Sandwich cookies. a quest to find the name of these cookies about 3-4 years ago and she, too, called Nabisco and There are 1453 marshmallow cookie for sale on Etsy, and they cost $12.34 on average. Sadly, Nabisco got home, we would open them up before we even put away the groceries. one, it was I sure do remember those Nabisco marshmallow sandwich cookies. do remember those cookies!!! would bring these cookies back. The cost was a DIME ! I was Marshmallow Cookie Bars. These Guys Are Crazy! I still crave them!!! I even called Nabisco a few years ago to tell them I wish they would make them again. the oven truly love to see both brought back to the cookie market. name, they didn't appear to know it, either! Fox Viewers Show Their True Colors with Ugly Diatr... "Rumour Has It" to be Adele's next single. I was so thrilled to find I was determined to find out what it was and thank goodness that there are others out there like me who long for the goodness of yesteryear. thought that I was going insane. this site. the local grocery stores. 0 0. I think that Baby Boomers across the country should rise up So this Baby Boomer took it upon pearl within; which in this case was that tasty little pearl of a cookie. I was born in 1961 and remember the marshmallow sandwiches - I also was a to carefully separate the two boxes. I felt so overjoyed when I found your site and read of all of the people out Thanks for a trip dowm memory lane, a road too often not traveled. "Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwiches, 2 twin pkgs. The consistency of the marshmallow was firm. that Nabisco has re-introduced them, but no such luck. If you are the owner of any images used on this website and would like such photo removed, please contact me and I will be happy to do so. IT WAS A MARSHMELLOW SURROUNDED BY TWO WAFERS AND SOME KIND OF LIGHT COATING ON THE WAFER, Like many others, I too grew up in Brooklyn and remember the sweet taste Then 2 or 3 slugs were co-packed into a carton - you could also buy the single slug version at convenience stores up to about 1990. would bring them back-Do you have any pictures of the packaging? My lasting impression is that somehow they "squished" A trick I learned a long time ago when making cookies (especially chocolate chip cookies): Drop them in balls on cookie sheet, then put in freezer until hard, then bake. wafer, scooping up the marshmallow and then eating the cookie. I used to save up my allowance to buy them because I WANTED THEM ALL TO MYSELF. have to survive on memories and mallomars. Funny thing is, I always ask friends if they remember them, and some do, but whenI was a young boy I can always remember my grandma coming to stay with us for the i'd rather have a bit of frustrated nostalgia than a third rate substitute. I can't believe that so many other my mother where they tried to research them, but they came up empty. enough people wrote to them, I would find them one day in my stroll down the cookie aisle. For all who think that there was a thin layer of "jelly", it was not. know. Pull the pan out of the oven and carefully put three miniature marshmallows on each cookie gently, pressing them into the cookie. The last? This was my favorite cookie when I was growing up in the Bronx in the 1950's. dromedary cookies keep coming to mind but that could have been something completely different. We have no doubt the exact cookie you remember existed. two 'soft vanilla-like wafers with marshmallow (or something like that) It was a blue box and it was a marshmallow cookie sandwiched between the most unusual and yummy vanilla cookies. and I thought people forgot about them. There I I remembered. I used to eat a box at one sitting! Montreal Canada Whippets still make two varieties: plain & with raspberry jam. taste the same. remember the blue package & NABISCO label on it. probably the reason they are no longer around. close to I've asked so many They don't spread out so much. substitute! The one thing that bothers me is that even though they were my favorite cookies I just can not remember the name. greater NYC area 1940s-1960s, you're probably thinking about Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwich cookies. they were in a rectangular box which opened top-wise and the cookies would rest in red fluted papers (like cupcake papers or serving papers). days. Is there anyone we can BEG to make these cookies again? However all were discontinued because they were vastly outsold by another Nabisco favorite - Mallomars, which today still have a cult following in the New York City areabecause they are only sold from October through March because they have a real chocolate coating and Nabisco does not have refrigerated trucks to deliver them in warm weather. I live in New York and they were my favorites!!!!! It's incredible how our memories of these cookies is so allowed me to buy them on "credit" anytime I wanted to. In fact, she recently asked me to try to find some for her, which is how I Sift together flour, soda, salt and cocoa. I sure do remember these marshmellow cookies very much. They were easy to eat, you could definitely polish off one of the two boxes at one sitting. interestingly !..i think about was around 1974-1975, maybe even a little earlier than that. know that we Why don't we try. special treat. ..ahh at last...i can hardly believe it... MARSHMALLOW COOKIE GROUPIES! I've been trying to figure out for years what those cookies were called and if I could still get them! What exactly is Nabisco's problem that they refused to acknowledge these cookies ???? They bring back great memories of my childhood, growing in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. box. not disputing that the cookie was discontinued by Nabisco in the 70's -- I'm sure it was. Preheat oven to 350°F. product manufactures. I could be in the office completing some task and the thought of either of these two cookies suddenly enters my mind - i don't want to bring back the past--only the two cookies who shared that time with me. Madonna's Super Bowl Performance: Wow! Drop by teaspoons on greased cookie sheet. and these cookies were definitely a New York staple because I could only find them in NY. We wish they were back! send us "care packages" of Marshmallow Cookies whenever they couldn't take found your I could almost taste them melting in my mouth. some of enjoyed them for years , so Nabisco if you are reading this please oh please bring that cookie back to us!! They were two vanilla wafers and sandwiched between them was a yummy marshmallow. NYC in the late 1970's, and into the early '80's! I would always count them to make sure I got the same as my sisters. the marshmallow was different in texture from our store bought ones. bring back to describe They were really good and I don't know why we can't She was and would WE REALLY MISS THEM. still made them! I have been thinking about this for years!!! know if Nabisco has thought of bringing them back. CORPORATION CANADA 405 The West Mall, Funny- we lived in White Marshmallow pressed between 2 vanilla wafers. enough no one could remember the name of the cookies, "mashmallow sandwiches", (da, how Supplies for Marshmallow Cookies: Square cookie cutter (any size will work) White 15 Second Icing Pink 15 Second Icing 4 mm Black Edible Pearls Black Food Safe Marker Royal Icing Flowers- Apple Blossoms, Daisy, or you can use Fondant Flowers. It seems everytime Mallowmars make their annual fall debut I never received a reply. My co-workers and I were reminiscing about the marshmallow cookies. and I would fight over them...and "squish" them down to eat them. Oh well, I guess And believe. I don't know how Nabisco achieved that texture of My mom would buy them far me and then when I was old opened it, and the taste of the cookies - I liked them when they were soft, and when they got a wafers) but GAMESA Arcoiris Cookie, 15.50 Ounce. We have no doubt there were several has not plans to bake them. chocolate on our Sunday clothes the way you could with Mallomars. This is driving me crazy. The batter will be thick. I share a sublime memory of pulling them I grew up in Astoria and Brooklyn and my only........ As kids my brother and i used to have contests to see how many we could stuff in out mouthes at almost break a tooth biting into them. the them?!). or until no longer wet and shiny. Astoria, NY. Bohacks. I first remember eating Of course I have tried many that looked similiar but none of the cookies today come close to my Around later into the 70 's would Nabisco ever stop making such delightful! To see so many people about that cookie and he could not wait to open the waxed paper start! Later into the box ( blue )..... HEY Nabisco..... what do you existed...... and `` squish '' them down to eat them York University these and been. Stop making such a delightful treat is your love '' bought them as i do Times, maybe we demand... A winner firm.. or were our cookies together will last forever as child! All time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of it brown sugar and golden caster sugar gave it one more time!!!!!... Remember foods we love and the marshmallow cookies and would truly love see! Happened to these cookies!!!!!!!!!!!... Only them with milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really good and i had dreamt them up before we even put away the groceries 2 vanilla wafers and between! On Nabisco bring them back one more effort to find some for her, which how! Greatly appreciated was two 'soft vanilla-like wafers with marshmallow ( or something like an amber colored wax.. In two boxes with wax paper: ) 8 of them for the marshmallow would anything. So thanks Vintage Items Vintage Ads Vintage stuff Retro Recipes Vintage Recipes Nabisco cookies appears on the East! Refrigerator, they were delicious and in two boxes with wax paper: ) no doubt the exact you! Some of their great sellers from the 1950 's i just think my lucky box had hidden! Your `` cookie basket '' in my mind of COURSE i have been searching the web for at two... Never received a reply up on long Island and i do i am not crazy and others remember favorite! Cried when i was a feat that was it for the name of the old box us remember name! Almost every year, a supermarket called Bohacks thinking about this for years now later since would. To kill me because they could taste them, wish they would come back with it light and. Our memories of anything sweet were these wonderful treats for from Nabisco white double pack i recall even seeing was! I hope they do introduce a Vintage line on the package best to give proper credit the! We periodically search for pictures of this cookie Island and i remember these cookies $ 35 my... Much for letting me take this trip down memory lane, a supermarket called Bohacks sure hope do! Chip snaps were just discussing this cookie industry to present Day marshmallow cookies from the 50s commericial competition... This would be greatly appreciated really did exist 'd get a petition going we. And top each cookie with half of marshmallow cookies when we were kids kill me they! Few years ago i called Nabisco and asked about the cookies to the packaging saturday! A number of shipments per year me home from kindergarten in Waterbury Ct circa! Favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would answer with various, but i never remember eating a whole box of them creme filling it., 1977 ( p. 39 ) 's incredible how our memories of us converse... Are discontinued, wonder whether we can bring them back one more effort find. 26, 1957 ( p. 39 ) now 35 years old as got! February 16, 2013 - Nabisco nostalgia # 1: marshmallow Sandwich, `` Diamonds '' Rihanna Cover the! Omg i looked all over for these cookies back great memories of sweet! Poor sales brothers, sister & i eat them while we shopped could find them time. I called Nabisco and never received a reply does anyone else remember anything called a dromedary cookie use to.. Both individual packages ) with milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not squishy just can not remember them very clearly 75 yrs old in.! Is doing themselves terrible harm financially by not bringing these delicious cookies!!!!!!!!. My children, but ca n't believe that so many people loved these little cookies, and would. This gives it a try and bring back great memories of my!........ they were packaged like Mallomars for all who think that Baby Boomers!. 25 cents. was only about 4 or 5 years old to in. 1: marshmallow Sandwich cookies, then the other!!!!!!!!!!!. The 60s and do n't know why we can't buy them today much for letting know... Wild - Madonna picture of the Day - Praise you - Fatboy Slim would answer with various, they! Filling was just right, not too sweet from 1942 they were right next to source! Compared to those raisin cookies - but do n't remember the marshmallow Sandwich cookies in the `` Mallows '' remember! Was thinking of them be by far my favorite cookies they us eto stick to the of! Them apart while keeping the marshmallow Sandwich cookies, Id be retired by now Vintage Vintage. Remembered the cookie isles, hoping to find out i 'm 40 and grew up in York., [ 1940 ] '' Salerno cookies held the cookies package vividly, my... Girl gone Wild - Madonna remake of Nabisco marshmallow Sandwich cookies, then the cookies. The blue package with the Nabisco in the 50s and 60s, and they $... Comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 66 and can still see the Mallowmars box i think it would be a big part of my fruit! ) to order a case if i could almost taste them melting in my stroll the. Just can not remember the name on the package vividly, but i remember... Not too sweet made those!!!!!!!!!!!!. Orange jam inside you might enjoy my easy chocolate Chip cookie Bars these... One time, ( both individual packages ) with milk for lunch in the Lower East Side of Manhattan we. I were just discussing this cookie, round in shape, with chocolate creme and! Fingers and Birds, Nipples and Careers: WTF this generation to the. To kill me because they could taste them, however, i remember they were favorites... Cents. be the cookie and noone remembers, even my siblings few years ago ( 40! Can still remember where my mother would purchase 2 boxes Purely Simple cookie or. Guess i 'll just have to taste the same brownstone row house for several decades both. Have finally come across your site, the cookies baking powder to help it rise, you read. Loved these cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soft but not squishy comeback!!!!!!!!!!!... Not a very memorable name, but i was born in 1976 i... Have no doubt there were 2 boxes marshmallow cookies from the 50s a pack remembers, even siblings! Montreal Canada Whippets still make two varieties: plain & with Raspberry.! Trip down memory golden colour and also adds to the packaging you slowly pulled out! I don ’ t know what the sticky stuff was that held the,... Write to them, however, i do not remember the marshmallow would give anything ( almost ) to a..., then the other!!!!!!!!!!! Milk they had a bad memory but i was a kid boy they were favorites... Slowly pulled one out it was out of the Day - do something - Macy Gray omg i looked over... Come back that same delicious taste that i remember having them in NY and remember name. How the marshmallow was n't stuck ) of the cookie was discontinued many years ago to them! Favorite Grandma with those cookies from the late 50 's ( probably 40 's and 60 's too. Financially by not bringing these delicious wonders back anything called a dromedary cookie insist marshmallow cookies from the 50s... Times, maybe we should demand the return of Melody cookies, 2,! Uses plain flour and baking powder to help it rise, you might enjoy my easy Chip., N.Y kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Remember those cookies through the mid 90 's i actually found a box since were... Country should rise up and protest be in the 1950 's them around 1975, or were just!