This wood isn't the easiest to find, and usually sells as turning blanks or in sizes less than 1 board foot. Cost, in spite of the wood… For example, “red oak” could come from a northern red oak tree, a southern red oak tree, or another variety. Conversely, white oak generally does mean the wood came from Quercus alba, the scientific name for the white oak tree, but there are other white oaks too, such as … Yes, it’s a yellow pine, but don’t confuse it with the yellow pine you’ll find at the lumberyard, often tinged pressure-treatment green. 3. There’s something about the texture, warm hue and distinctive grain of heart pine that just makes you want to run your hand over the wood. From shop SewWhatQuiltShop. Normally we call patterns of ovals and lines made by the growth rings the “grain” of the wood.We assume that the fiber direction runs the same way.The split-off piece of red oak at right shows that this “grain” and the fiber direction don’t necessarily go the same way. It also machines well using carbide-tipped tools, but has a tendency to burn. 5 out of 5 stars (14,050) 14,050 reviews $ 3.00. Grain direction can fool you. The wood features tight, straight grain, making it suitable for turning. Small cells called rays are Red Wood Grain Fabric / Washed Wood Words to Live by Landscape Fabric / Contempo 07709-10 Red Wood Grain Fabric by the yard & Fat Quarters SewWhatQuiltShop.