SmartSelect technology dial not up to the mark, Hyperlock clamping system takes time to be active, Manual paddle trigger has to be constantly held for speed change. They work with a rotating round pad combined with a sander head that also moves in random orbits. 1.BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander, 2. It is difficult to know which sander type you need for a particular project. The majority of the users states that a tool like this is a crucial part of house repair works. Both options have their nature of work, which totally depends on your working environment. For extra durability, it also has a dust-sealed switch. After the long list of positives, there have to be some negative points as well. So, before we move ahead and talk about the best detail sanders available. You can use it to get a smooth finish on table stands, chairs, and other small materials. Still, it is one of the most versatile alternatives to sole sanders. Do not use the sander near any fire source. Once these are used, you can purchase any generic pad and continue using it. Some of them told us that the Velcro pad from the base fell off and they had to stick it back. A soft or fragile surface needs gentle sanding speed and to sand hard surfaces, higher speed is required. Once you have attached the required base and sanding pad, use the sliding power switch to turn on the device. We talked to several consumers and all of them stated that the sender works well, is comfortable to use and they were able to change the attachments quickly, but the only complain is about the parts that always need some fixing. Apart from the bases, pads and hex key are also included with the purchase box. In addition, checking the warranty gives you a better idea of the product’s quality. In this section, we will briefly discuss the differences. There are two options available in detail sanders. It also has fan-assisted dust slots to collect unwanted dust and maintain a clean working surface. It is compact in size and places no storing problems. Making small cuts in wood or plastic is one of them. The PSM is a corded sander, with enough cord length to allow you to complete projects easily. That vibration allows the user to remove material and smooth out surfaces quickly and with far less effort than sanding by hand. Hope it will be helpful. Many users mentioned the orbital sander function is poor. With a Velcro pad at its base, Genesis GPS080 works both as a detail or regular sander. If used slowly without applying extra pressure on the sander, they can get better finishing on the decorative designs of furniture without compromising on the quality. One of few detail sanders that is cordless. Great for more frequent use and on larger projects. The pressure technology warns you if you are pressing too hard to get help get an even finish. To give you more trouble-free experience, this Rockwell unit is compatible with most of the other blades and accessories. Great for fine detail as well as larger jobs. Most of the multitasking tools have a rotatory dial to control the speed, but Dewalt DCS355D1 does the same using paddle trigger. It features an orbital speed of 24,000 rpm, and its diameter is 1.4 mm. A powerful cordless solution which makes fine sanding jobs a breeze. Professionals should always look for a sturdy and long-lasting sander like PCCW201B or MS2000 without considering the price. Sanders works smoothly and delicately without taking too much wood at once, unlike belt sanders that can damage small intricate areas. The comfortable ergonomic grip helps you to work with the machine without getting tired or irritated. Out top pick is Black and Decker BDEMS600, which is both high end and an economical detail sander, ideal for sanding tight areas. You can get it at a great price too. That is why we kept this wood sander on the top of this list. To use components from any other brand, you can screw them using a hex screw that comes included in the purchase box.