Enhancing qualitative characteristics of accounting information include: Multiple Choice 1. Materiality judgments are, primarily, quantitative in nature. Qualitative characteristics are the qualities or attributes that make financial accounting information useful to the users. In recent accounting literature, where relevance and reliability are held upon as the primary qualitative characteristics that accounting information must have if it is to be useful, materiality is not recognised as a primary characteristic of the same kind. Enhancing qualitative characteristics of accounting information include each of from ACC 1 at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona Relevance and comparability. Definition. Applying the enhancing qualitative characteristics. - 15094247 Faithful representation and relevance.d. Enhancing qualitative characteristics of accounting information include:a. Relevance and comparability.b. Enhancing qualitative characteristics of accounting information include each of from ACCOUNTING N at Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research Enhancing Characteristics of financial statements include: Comparability: Accounting policies are kept consistent from year to year, and information is presented in a manner that makes it easy for users to compare year-on-year info. The enhancing qualitative characteristics improve decision usefulness of financial reports when the ... (2006). Comparability and consistency.c. The enhancing qualitative characteristics on the other hand include understandability, comparability, verifiability and timeliness). Comparability and timeliness. 2. two fundamental qualitative characteristics relevance and faithful representation; four enhancing qualitative characteristics: comparability, verifiability, timeliness and understandability. For each transaction, indicate whether a company would classify the related Cost effectiveness and materiality.[Question]152. Enhancing qualitative characteristics should be maximised to the extent necessary. They enhance the fundamental qualitative characteristics by distinguishing more useful information from less-useful information. However, enhancing qualitative characteristics (either individually or collectively) cannot render information useful if that information is … Chapter 2: Qualitative Characteristics of Useful Information.