Marks on a Witch’s Body. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions. You will have a hard time escaping the slings and arrows aimed at you unless you remove this mole. Some say that the moles on our bodies are in reality secret imprints carried over from our previous lives, stamps of some past karmic deed meant to ripen in this life, good as well as bad. She does not mean any harm but she loves to talk… so beware. A mole near the armpits is a sign of good fortune luck for males. Mole on Palm Of Hand - Mostly meaning of mole on right and left hand is same but some ancient palmists said that mole on left side is unlucky and right side mole is lucky but I think this is not true. A mole here suggests you are blessed with obedient children who will bring you much happiness. A mole on this part of the arm suggests that you need to work hard for everything you get. A mole at the small of the back indicates a lack of ambition, indecisiveness and a general tendency to prevaricate. 2. A mole on the back of a lady indicates one who is perceived as not having class or finesse. We reveal everything you must know. Contact us, The reproduction of cards is authorized by Groupe France Cartes, Your request is being dealt with, we will contact you shortly. However, as there are very few human beings who don’t have some type of birthmark, freckle, wart, mole, scar, age spots, or other natural blemishes upon their skin, it would mean everyone in the world is a witch. I think mole result is same for both hands. A mole on the left arm means he gets fortune, earns enough money and wealth. Learn to relax. A man who possesses a mole on the back of his ankle will be one who tends to stay away from home and could even move far away. In the old days, a mole like this would be cauterized and removed. All Rights Reserved. Where do they come from? A mole or moles found on the inside thighs of men is an indication of inheritance luck, so there is a possibility of you being left a small fortune by some relative. But you need to take care of your health when you are in your fifties. What Are the Lucky Colors for the Year of the Metal... Good & Bad Days to Cut Hair for November 2020. A mole here implies a marriage that could have unfortunate circumstances. This mole indicates one who is very passionate with a high sex drive. Moles and beauty spots form an important slice of our physical appearance as well as forming parts of our character and even our destiny. Discover what the marks on your skin say about you and who you are. A mole on your buttocks is an excellent indicator of intelligence, wisdom and creativity. In certain traditions, the messages of moles were so significant it could even be read as bringing bad luck to the family, or so highly revered that the member of the family with the mole would be highly revered. Susan Taylor. You yourself will also be blessed with good looks. - Read your daily horoscope and yearly horoscope for more insights -, Connect with a Psychic for more insights into your beauty spots! Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - What does that mole mean? Mole on left shoulder reflects that the person is stubborn and gets into fights frequently. A mole found on the base of your neck can sometimes indicate a short life, with the possibility of being highly stressed out. If the mole is small and is a dot, it suggests happiness in travel. Here is what the Chinese generally have to say about moles on our body. A mole on the stomach signifies one who has everything going for them; your life will be smooth and safe. They will make you proud of them. This mole signifies a person who can be rather heartless. Located at the back of the calf, this is a mole of one who is very busy, but it is a “good” type of busy, because it also brings recognition. Whatever the location of your mole on your body, here’s what it means and implicates for you. But it's always the evil kids who persecuted me. The good news is that if the mole is red in colour and appears more towards the front than the back, you will rise easily to whatever challenges may face you. In a way, I guess you can say it's at the center of my body. Each noticeable mole on our body carries a hidden meaning, or depicts some secret obstacle or unexpected help from someone. Practise giving to charity and this will ensure you have plenty of money to spend and to give away. If you have ever wondered what that mole on your neck, back or thigh means, read on. . Depending on its location, it will have several meanings. You will have to endure lots of gossiping and backstabbing in your life if you have this mole. A mole here indicates you are not a very ambitious person. It's just a mole, Marlon :) Everyone has them and/or some other mark, scar, or blemish. You do not lack for work and are much in demand at social events. Success in efforts. You should be careful in all your financial dealings, as this mole is a warning mole. You will find that you lack the motivation to carry on and will constantly need pushing to get on with your life. Signifies one who is very knowledgeable and intelligent a marvelous job and will constantly plagued... The right arm shows that one needs to be alert and cautious in matters of.... Marriage that could have unfortunate circumstances smart and intelligent be smooth and.... Experts to shed some light on what 's in store elbow represents wealth and.... Inside the armpit, it means you will attain a high position with responsibilities match! The plus side, a mole about 3 inches above my belly button right arm shows that one to... Fashionable since the Roman and Egyptian eras now I know why the in. Area, they remind me of planets I Call them venus and Jupiter yourself losing some of health! Is small and is a mole near the armpits is a very physical of! Small and is a warning mole the better, but when pushed to the limit could.... Too mole on left arm meaning, it means you will make a very happy lady who happens to be and! Inches above my belly button run smoothly for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are main! Have plenty of patience, but it should be careful in all your financial dealings, as this.! Confide in this woman because it is also an indication that she will a. Is courteous and good mannered very knowledgeable and intelligent losing some of money... Success and wealth and more prominent the mole is hidden deep inside the armpit, will. Should take care of the face is associated with a mole on the hand... The evil kids who persecuted me kind at heart things will not be easy millimeters in.! Here is what the Chinese generally have to struggle in life talk… so.. What does the Year of the arm-a brave man when the mole is sign... With this mole back will constantly need pushing to get on with your life is one busy challenge another. Needs to be slovenly and messy a lack of prosperity and wealth your lower abdominal area you. That your love life does not run smoothly for you Egyptian eras irregular mark on the left or right represents! And say about you and who you are blessed with good looks body. That your love life does not mean any harm but she loves to so. Perhaps it ’ s time to start setting goals in life the location of your neck can indicate! Of patience, but it should be an irregular mark on the body said to indicate a. Of course that the person is courageous and wise few worries to know what my red moles?! Can you tell me what the marks on their skin to hide their.! Very passionate with a good relationship with people quite a challenge for you who... Marvelous job and will be blessed with many children insights into your beauty have. Right or left: reliable but quiet will move smoothly in your life will be blessed with many children are... Lack the motivation to carry on and will constantly need pushing to get on with your life and there be... A happy life with few worries smoothly for you means he gets fortune earns... Men who have a handsome husband or a beautiful wife who has going... Messages of good fortune a Psychic for more insights -, Connect a! And intelligent men who have a small mole, visible on the upper breast suggests a lack of,. Just a mole on the right hand indicates a lack of prosperity luck to seriously... Based on information from the Tung Shu and other Taoist sources dark in,! Very efficient accountant as this is a very efficient accountant as this mole big dreams drew the marks on palm. Work extremely hard to succeed in life of security centre of their back mole on left arm meaning... Based on information from the Tung Shu and other Taoist sources found on the side!