Booking the service was fast and simple, and the cleaners came precisely on time with everything they needed. In a clean house like I would clean it! But as with most apps… We had to complain to Handy because multiple times the "pro" forgot a room or didn't clean certain items in the home. If you're an artist and ever wanted just quick and easy drawing reference for hands, heads, or even feet (IAP) without having to awkwardly pose your limbs in front of a mirror, this app is for you! I’m disappointed that I am locked into a six month commitment otherwise I’m penalized to cancel my membership. Visit this website h We've tried to cancel our 1YR plan, but couldn't. The quote was good, so we booked the service. I’m moving next month yet will have to continue to pay for a service I will not be needing. He is hard of hearing but that did not distract him from doing a great job! He was nice and polite. However today’s appointment worked just like it is described on the app and I couldn’t be more pleased! Had another one show up without any supplies and we had to provide everything. Least of all through a service. And now I have it. I was on a phone call, a business phone call, she saw the phone to my ear, but she interrupted to show me she clean the tub. I have paid for a regular service fro have handy to send some to my home and clean. Long story short, the lady started talking to me one-on-one via text outside of the app. I will not be using them ever and will never refer them to anyone. I've had someone show up to the house, "go to move their car" and then just leave. This was very misleading and the services are overpriced. Share. The screws were not inside the walls all the way. You don’t know who’s coming into your house. Tray was my. Handy put it on me to find the contractor. I was completely wrong. Handy for Pros (10 Similar Apps & 2,294 Reviews) vs Handy - Book home services (10 Similar Apps, 2 Review Highlights & 23,698 Reviews). He is professional, hard working and engaging. Had 2 appointments made by Handy, and both times, no one showed up. Our installer went above and beyond. Would use him again if needed and highly recommend to others. I had a chandelier installed. Peace of mind and more time for me and my family. You were prompt in assigning someone to our request. Multiple times we've had to send a message because the "pro" didn't show up on time. This was a frightening experience but a Lesson learned. Google Android 11 Review. Write a review. I needed a table assembled. She is very professional. Kas was exceptional. The Note 20 Ultra, along with its smaller counterpart the Note 20, is a pricey, ultrapremium Android phone with an expansive screen, an embedded S Pen stylus and 5G. Highly recommend Frank. Our experience was that about ½ to ⅔ of the cleanings resulted in some type of issue (i.e. There were many missed areas. Furniture was assembled quickly and efficiently. He mount our 65 inch tv on the wall in a timely manner. I think handy is a great app. He came on time, did what I asked, and cleaned up after himself. I did manage to speak to one installer who told me he doesn't even contract in NJ so he didn't understand why Handy gave me his number as the installer for that day. He was professional, came on time, did the project, cleaned up and left. You can find dozens upon dozens of mobile scanning apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, most of which have glowing reviews and attractive-sounding features. I am seriously considering finding an alternative cleaning service who can supply me with a regular, dependable cleaner if handy do not improve. Apple has provided this feature since iOS 10.3 released in March 2017, so it was highly anticipated on Android. the handy app/company itself is what i'm frustrated with, particularly their payment/refund policies. My “Pro” from Handy completely changed my mind. Frank was great! Dawn was great! In-app reviews improve the user experience as users dislike being taken outside their app. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Aber muss es wirklich ein teures Modell sein? Latest Android App Reviews. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. After she left I noticed the cleaning was not up to standard.I do not wish to follow the cleaners around my home inspecting their work every time they come to clean. When carpenter arrived first thing he told us was the only way to fix the door frame was to buy a new door when my husband had me go out and talk to him he kept telling me that the door would not fit correctly I told him that if that door would not fit neither Would a new door to simply build up the part of the damaged frame for us to be able to shut the door and lock it. He was polite, very efficient, and new toilet looks great. We would love to have her back again and are greatly enjoying handy. He set up my adjustable bed and even made sure that it was working properly. It took numerous, numerous emails back-and-forth with Handy to knowledge that this was a ridiculously Unprofessional Cleaning that I had. because of that, normally i'd give 1 star, but because i've used handy outside of that incident, i know that their pro's are good quality. i'm really unhappy about how handy handles refunds. handyman. Highly recommend him and he fixed so many things that others have not been able to! Would have given more stars but the cost was a little Pricey for a bike assembly and my appointment was canceled and rescheduled at the last minute. Mr.Rodwick was great. HANDY is an artist's reference tool, consisting of several rotatable 3D limbs with a variety of poses useful for drawing. We review all apps and app updates submitted to the App Store in an effort to determine whether they are reliable, perform as expected, respect user privacy, and are free of objectionable content. All Handy wanted to do was keep rescheduling. I have had cleaners for the last 30 years. Handy Reviews 12,457 • Average . He is a good man and does a great job! Hi, the TV had to be remounted due to the gentleman miscalculating the mount the 1st time. Fast, professional, efficient and very nice. And most importantly common sense. App Reviews. I have experienced a full year of Handy's services for home cleaning. This is the 2nd time we've used Handy This is the 2nd time we've used Handy; both times w/Joesph P. and 10 stars both times. App Review. The handy service folks aren’t always perfect, but handy always makes it right. What a pain. 8. The cleaning service was overall pretty good. The Handy Process and I got off to a rough start, for the most part, probably because of Covid complications. Went through hell with my first attempt at service from handy. But to communicate you have create an account at Handy and download their app and login. I did get a refund. Manage handyman workers efficiently, simplify business processes and optimize costs with Synchroteam field service management (FSM) software. However, she said she was "done" after 2 hours and 20 minutes into a 3 hour cleaning. Android-Tablets gibt es in vielen Versionen und Preisklassen. But you mjst know basic handyman job such as painting, carpentry, plumbing and electical . Followed all guidelines in terms of Covid. David was great. This was my first cleaning with this service.Handy offers a first cleaning discount when You go into a six month contract with them.In no way was I going to continue with a contract for five additional cleanings with this company when they sent out someone who is this incapable of cleaning my house. I thought no one could clean like I could, We were strongly dissatisfied with this service, Not much point listing a Pro or Favourite. Very professional, efficient and courteous. Overall Handy is a work on your own type of job. We left for a few hours once we let them in, and then sat in our backyard for the duration of the service, so we didn’t realize until the end that they hadn’t been wearing masks in the house. None of the bedrooms the halls or any other areas were cleaned. Mohammad was so efficient and had a great personality! She was over 5 hours late and at one point offered to bring me a gun … As I still have some tasks to accomplish, Kas will be my go to guy from here on out via Handy. She came in and got right to work! He was very efficient and cleaned up everything when he was finished! Bernadette was an amazing pro. Luckily we had opened every window in the house and put the ceiling fans on before they arrived, and they did a really wonderful cleaning job, but we’re left feeling a bit uneasy. We had our home cleaned once every 2 weeks. App reviews are a major decision-making factor for users and app owners alike, and we keep that in mind while churning out honest Android and iOS app reviews. Android App Reviews. Scheduled furniture assembly by Handy via Wayfair. The guy who came in did such a shabby job.