As technology has evolved throughout the decades, so has its application and importance in nursing. By: Sue Forneris and Jone Tiffany . This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. For example, increasing numbers of hospitals have integrated what used to be multiple forms of communication into one streamlined system. Nurses already commonly use EMR systems, wearable devices, and telemedicine to address their patients’ health needs. Nurses receive an alert if a patient needs urgent attention, which significantly reduces response times. “A drawback I’ve observed is a lack of ability to communicate effectively,” says Sartor. External links provided on are for reference only. This, in turn, improves health outcomes and reduces hospital readmission rates. More info. Overall, nurses do see the benefits that technology brings to their field. Through the use of EMRs, nurses and other medical professionals can quickly access critical patient information and reduce or eliminate the need for paperwork. With technological advances making their jobs easier and advancing care for patients, the amount of people nurses can help is likely to increase. “It’s vital that companies ensure this data is being stored securely and that databases can’t be infiltrated illegally.”. Today’s nurses use team collaboration tools, instant messaging, and headsets that allow them to communicate with their colleagues in real time. EHRs can improve patie… Talk with an admissions advisor today. “There can be temporary drawbacks when a technology is first implemented, but these are outweighed by the long-term benefits of the technology,” explains Anthony Sartor, registered nurse. Nurses can immediately scan the patient history on a click of a button and analyse the treatment provided to the individuals in the past. Instead of filling out charts with pen and paper, most nurses are now required to review information and fill out charts online. What remains to be seen is how much of that change will be brought on by new innovations, and how much of it will just be further refinement of what’s already here. 10.26.2020, Callie Malvik | But that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling the pains of … Technology in nursing has come a long way in the past decade. “Nurses can deliver a greater patient experience and contribute to better healthcare outcomes. Discovering the Dangers of Self-Diagnosis, 25 Best Nursing Apps for Any Stage of Your Career, Financial Aid and FAFSA (for those who qualify). Technological advances aren’t likely to slow down any time soon. Share This Post . The Top Direct-Entry Master’s in Nursing Programs 2020, Best Online Nursing Schools and Programs 2020, © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. It can include progress notes, providers, problems, medications, lab data, etc. Fill out the form to receive information about: There are some errors in the form. Purpose: This article outlines how current nursing research can utilize technology to advance symptom and self-management science for precision health and provides a roadmap for the development and use of technologies designed for this purpose. Promoting Innovation: Technology to Improve Health Introduction. An electronic health record is a digital version of a patient’s medical history. Nursing education continues to make significant gains in this area, with survey findings suggesting that 94 percent of practicing nurses say technology use is an attribute where nursing graduates are strongest. Smart beds allow nurses to monitor patients weight, movement, and vitals, which can help prevent bedsores, injuries, and misdiagnoses. The hope is that emerging technologies will make the role of nurses a bit easier and improve the quality of care during a time when more and more nurses are in demand. Please correct the errors and submit again. Lauren is a freelance writer for Collegis education who writes student-focused articles on behalf of Rasmussen College. In this article key technology trends are identified that are likely to influence nursing practice and education over the next decade. Being a nurse responsible for the processes that involve introduction of a new electronic health record keeping … However, some disadvantages include malfunctioning equipment, power outages, lack of attention to detail and security breaches on privacy.