Return to Adelaide She tells you about an unauthorized landing and Marauders in the area, and you have several options to reply. You can tell her that you met Pelham and patched him up, and then persuade her to deal with the outlaws, or take on them yourself. The Outer Worlds Guide : Comes Now the Power Walkthrough Talk to Vicar Max to recruit another companion.. Home » Guides » The Outer Worlds Geothermal Power Plant Quest Guide. You have unfortunately landed right on top of your supposed meetup, so you must now make your way to their ship and assume control of it. Sealed door in the Geothermal Plant manager’s office in the Outer Worlds Comes Now the Power quest is a locked door that you have to open in order to proceed with the mission. Further ahead, the Edgewater Community Center area is swarming with them so give it a wide berth to avoid heavy combat for now. You can Determination (10) to keep her from leaving. You can point out that you saved Pelham to avoid the fine and be on your way toward the town or you can kill her and loot 6x Bit Cartridge, 5x Energy Cell, Adreno and Light Assault Rifle. Go into the nearby lift and make it go up to arrive at Reed Tobson’s office. Ask if that is possible, and Max will warn you that outside the walls is a dangerous place. Given to the Stranger by Reed Tobson in his office in the Edgewater Saltuna Cannery during Comes Now the Power. After the Marauders are defeated, enter the ship and talk to ADA to gain command of the ship. You can press the conversation to learn that the plant is inhabited by deserters (former workers) and he needs them back because their quotas are down, and they might be shut down for good. Read the nearby terminal and learn about the replacement of guard personnel with machines, their malfunction and events that lead to the security lockdown. There is also an LMG there if you want. The Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Choice: Who to Help? There are dead Canid Feral that can be looted for Canid Tail around this area. Pick the lock on the next door you encounter to your right and you’ll access a Workbench and a path that is blocked by steam. Geothermal Power Plant terminal entries You can now unbar the door that was blocking your access to here. Shortly before the incident, Spacer's Choice took out a significant insurance policy against the plant and deployed a team of engineering specialists to refit the plant's population of automechanicals. Be careful not to go toward the nearby Crash Site yet as the Primal enemies there are too strong for your level. Emerald Vale Mag-Pick, Adrena-Time, Adreno and Weapon Parts can be looted from this room. Leave the office and talk to Parvati, she will want to share some information about the people that have deserted their post. Power Plant Entrance (6F) You can offer to keep an eye out and unlock the Side Quest: A Few Kindred Spirits. Find the Saltuna Cannery and go inside. The next switch is here. If you persuade him, he will reveal that you can rewrite the mechanicals to attack each other. Higgins (1F) You will obtain this quest during Stranger in a Strange Land, by talking to Reed Tobson and asking questions about the welfare of the deserters’ community. If you ask about her problems she will mention someone named Zoe has gone missing. Correction: “Ignore the door on the right and take the stairs on the left” should say You should talk to Parvati after leaving Tobson’s office to obtain an optional objective to talk to the Vicar. Unlocking the Geothermal Plant sealed door is pretty simple, but it does require you use a code. Parvati will offer to join you. Backtrack a bit to the place where you met the first Hooligans and then continue toward your map marker. He claims it is to keep it out of layman hands. Ask to know more about it and he’ll mark you on your time and initiate the Companion Quest: The Illustrated Manual. In case you have Chester’s Passcode you hack the terminal in the same room. Past them, there’s the Marauder Encampment. This item is locked in the security office at the Geothermal Power Plant… From the previous switch, take the door on that level and you’ll come to a larger area with a drone and some sentry enemies. You can ask him about the Power Regulator you’re after, he says to go to Reed Tobson’s office. He says he has guards posted with orders to fire on you. Go back toward the entrance and take the path going down to the 5th floor. Redifine intruders as Spacer’s Choice Automechanicals if you’d like. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,, This quest is conditional on the Stranger having removed. Chester will give you Chester’s Passcode and 1800xp. The power plant draws its power from the heat of a nearby volcano.