Two examples illustrate the difference between viability and vigour. The major seed quality characters are summarized as below. REVIEW OF THE FACTORS AFFECTING SEED YIELD AND QUALITY: Author: R. A.T. George: DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1987.215.1 : Abstract: Particular examples from papers presented in this symposium are cited to illustrate the range of agronomic factors which can be manipulated during seed production to control seed quality. Analysis of the kernel-rich fraction produced after dehulling gives an indicati on of the potential oil yield, oil cake yield and oil cake protein and crude fibre contents and thus the processed value. Storage conditions do not affect the variety quality, or the genetic make-up of the seed. Seed quality is the possession of seed with required genetic and physical purity that is accompanied with physiological soundness and health status. The seed quality characteristics are the seed oil and protein contents and the hullability. Field Weathering The deterioration of seed quality, vigor and viability, INTERNATIONAL SEED TESTING ASSOCIATION (ISTA) Genetic characteristics Benefits from the breeding can only be transferred to the farmer if good quality seed is released. Both are influenced by harvest and storage practices. research into factors that may affect the seed quality for processing purposes. It can, however, influence the aging process and the prevalence of diseases and pests. Physical Quality: It is the cleanliness of seed from other seeds, debris, inert matter, diseased seed and insect damaged seed. SEED QUALITY FACTORS AFFECTING CROP PRODUCTIVITY: - genetic characteristics - yield - market quality - storability . Both influence germination, as well as other measures of seed quality which affect the ability of seeds to produce seedlings which can emerge and establish. INTERNATIONAL SEED TESTING ASSOCIATION (ISTA) Concluding comments Seed quality: Multiple components –Most important components •Cultivar purity •Analytical purity •Germination –Other significant components •Vigour •Seed borne pathogens •Moisture content Measurement of seed quality 2 Harvesting and threshing Storage cannot enhance the quality of seed, that is, alter it in positive ways. Testa quality and physiological age are two principle components of pea, lentil, faba bean and chickpea seed quality. Seed quality is influenced by numerous factors that occur in the field before harvesting and during harvesting, drying, processing and storage. INTERNATIONAL SEED TESTING ASSOCIATION (ISTA) … The losses are worsened if seeds are stored at high temperatures and high relative humidity conditions (Mosavi Nik et al., 2011). can significantly affect seed quality. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Factors Affecting Seed Quality in Vegetable Crops 49 "Seed vigour is the sum total of those properties of the seed which determine the potential level Qf activity and performance of the seed or seed lot during germination and seedling emergence" (Perry, 1978).