Some people call this alpha fucks beta bucks, evolutionary psychologists call it “dual mating“. While males generally pursue a short-term mating strategy when possible, females typically pursue a long-term mating strategy. Dual mating strategy hypothesis has been influential in research of human mate choice for twenty years. Some find both appealing but pick only one. Some women really do find not committed sex “gross” and are only interested in the latter. Alesund Instructor. Not all women feel the impulse to each strategy the same way. However, the methods used in most of … But in this article i will explain why and how women have dual mating strategy … Women fuck with all the bad boys and chads in their prime, and when their looks start declining, they'll secure a beta male provider to get married with. 9 months ago. Yes, blue pilled beta men are the reason why women get away with this shit. So the second “mating” strategy is to find a stable reasonably desirable guy who is also committed (and would likely be a good father). Dual mating strategy [edit | edit source] Some have suggested this might mean women naturally engage in a dual mating strategy where they get genes and investment from different partners (from an alpha male and a betabuxx respectively). According to dual mating hypothesis women prefer different attributes in men in different phases of menstrual cycle. Some say this is not truth but beside that they don’t propose stronger, more logical theory. Reactions: SubhumanCurrycel, Nisse, Hades and 5 others. Long-term strategies are characterized by extended courtships, high investment, and few sexual partners. While pursuing a long-term strategy, females are able to get resources from males over the course of the relationship. For all the graycels who don't know what dual mating strategy is, it's basicly alpha fux, beta bux. But they all talk about the same thing. Results consis-tent with this hypothesis are widely cited as evidence that sexual selection has shaped increase human mating psychology. dual mating strategy hypothesis proposes that women’s preferences for uncommitted sexual relationships with men displaying putative fitness cues increase during the high-fertility phase of the menstrual cycle. The Dual Mating Strategy hypothesis proposes that women will benefit from forming long-term relationships with caring sharing men.