For efficient services, you need a powerful and superior mole repellent that can produce up to 400 Hz low-frequency ultrasonic … Unlike myself, some people do not like moles in their garden. And since one mole solar repellent can only cover 6000 square feet depending on the manufacturing company, the more of this device in your yard, the better. Moles can leave surface tunnels in one’s yard when foraging for food, and this can … The science around the effectiveness of ultrasonic … Simply put, for mosquitoes the Ultrasonic repellers DO – NOT – WORK. I had a bad time returning one of those chinese gadgets back to Amazon in the first place, imagine if you bought from another, less … Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work Rodents and Mammals? So, do ultrasonic pest repellents work? Do Solar Ultrasonic Mole repellers work? Since the manufacturers have not been able to provide scientific evidence to back up their promises stated in 2016, you should avoid ultrasonic pest repellents. At this point if you’re like me, you’re wondering if there are ANY use cases for these pest repeller devices. Not only does it work on … According to studies, commercial ultrasonic repellents are mostly inefficient or tend to have a short impact on pests. Ultrasonic Waves and Vibration: Mole repellents work by producing ultrasonic waves and sound to scare away the animals.