Do not dare cry in front of a person trying to get through something. Laugh because you’ve just avoided a disaster. Cry to let the rain of sadness clean the dirty avenues of your soul. Be gentle when dealing with a girl who laughs a lot because at night her tears may be just as flowing. When someone tries to hide tears, let them. Make her smile even if you are the reason for her sadness. You can remember every time you cry because the tears will make you remember. Ma Hidda Kheri by Durga Kharel ft. Pratap Das with lyrics, Mayako Doli Chadhai By Yash Kumar and Pabita Pariyar. To cry is to open the dam that lets tears flow freely into the world. I like to cry in the shower so that the water can wash away all the dirt from my body and my spirit. Laughter and Crying is often a fork in the road where each path you choose still takes you back to where you were in the beginning. Sad love quotes on pain, love and friendship. Updated: February 9, 2020. Love Quotes Popular Authors Mark Twain Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Winston Churchill Benjamin Franklin Confucius J. R. R. Tolkien Jesus Christ More Top 10 Crying Quotes … Perfect is an impossible state. They should make a special sick leave when you’ve been crying the whole night and are too exhausted to work the next day. Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Discover and share Crying Inspirational Quotes. Only a true friend can see through the bright smile and reveal the crying heart. When I am crying and someone hugs me, it makes me cry even more. Crying is just your body’s way of getting rid of mental baggage. Accept Crying is nature’s way of washing your eyes out, your tears giving way to a clear vision of the world. Love doesn’t hurt; loving the wrong person does. Love lies in those unsent drafts in your mailbox. 39. 38. But there will be a special someone who can make you do both and that’s when you know you’re in love. 40. We have to hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because all of life’s lessons are taught through pain. I wish that you were here or I were there or we were together anywhere. Love is the only thing in the world can make you laugh and cry at the same time. When you love someone, wipe away the tears after they cry, hug them when they laugh, and be with them all through life, for love is a promise of being there forever. 19.When I give you my TIME, I’m giving you a portion of my life that i will never get back. Crying is a messy business but infinitely satisfying. Cry all you want, but when you are done, stand up and make the person who hurt you cry more. Sometimes we do have to be selfless not selfish and think of what’s going to be the best for the ones we love. Let no one who loves be unhappy even love unreturned has its rainbow. Get a bottle of water, a box of tissues, a very sad playlist, your comfortable pajamas and just let go. Beware of making a woman cry for each tear she sheds is a a stab to your own heart. Only the way of expressing it is different. Love is the only thing in the world can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought – useless and disappointing. I like walking in rain because no one  sees me crying. Crying is a cathartic experience. Who doesn’t care? 21. James Matthew Barrie, 45 inspirational and motivational quotes for kids, 55 Inspirational Quotes about Life and Love, Get Well Soon Wishes, Messages and Quotes, Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes Messages for Friends, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The girl you love or the boy you love who broke your heart and went away of your life. Remember when we used to stop in the halls to talk to each other ? The best way to be a good friend is to be there when someone cries and leave the room when they don’t want to be seen. 12. Happiness is sometimes so overwhelming that you cannot help but cry. 14. We cry to let out the pain that words cannot. What other chore allows you to cry and let you blame it on the onions? Women cry when everything gets too much. Wash your heart with tears. 27. You still mean everything to me, but you’re just not worth the fight anymore. Fools hide it in eyes, while the brilliant hide it in their smile. 7. When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone. The more you pretend to be strong, the more tears will flow at night. No guy is worth your tears and the ones who are won’t make you cry. The best way to start reducing it is to cry. I feel so broken sometimes that I want to cry but I don’t because people are counting on me to be strong so they can cry. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us.” ― Brian Jacques, Taggerung tags: crying , emotion , emotions , flowers , fruit , growing , nature , sadness , sunlight , tears , trees , water 36. The only thing that can wipe away the tears of your heart crying is time. No matter how hard i try to make you happy in the end its never good enough because i always end up hurting. 34. And Found it Crying in the Corner. Somebody who won’t hurt you. Every heart has a pain. I can’t promise to make you laugh but I’m willing to cry with you. 2. It doesn’t change when we become adults, but the nice thing is, we can go buy wine. We, along with carefully selected 3rd parties, use cookies on this site to improve performance, to analyze traffic, and to serve content and ads that may interest you (personalized advertising). After the end of a long day there is nothing quite as relaxing as wearing a nice thick robe, having a cup of tea, and crying my eyes out to just let the stresses of the day break free from my body. 44. 32. 22. Try not to make people cry. 35. Even great laughter can make you cry and brings tears of mirth to your eyes. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long. Crying is not a sign of weakness but a sign of the release of pent up emotions. Every girl needs a best friend to help her laugh when she thinks she’ll never smile again. There are just some things that are so sad that you can’t even cry but just sit there without feeling. My love for you won’t be enough to make you stay. A sign of a good friendship is knowing when to find a quiet place to let your friend have a good cry. 4. Emotional Quotes, understanding quotes, crying quotes, alone quotes, silence quotes, love failure quotes, selfish quotes & expectation quotes