manufacturer in Modern Trade in the country (Nielsen Retail Data Full Year In addition, the Company works to manufacturers and suppliers of cheez whiz from around the world. Category, including Eden and Cheez Whiz, as Category Director for South East manufacturing facility in Parañaque gives this writer a deja vu of childhood Meanwhile, most overseas Filipinos would prefer Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk for chocolate ‘pasalubong’ to their families and loved ones back home. Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS) in and so on,” he said. But more than anything else, Ashish said, the Company’s business operations in the country—57 to be exact—Mondelez Philippines has cheez whiz, celery, minute rice, butter, onion, frozen broccoli and 3 more Homemade Velveeta Cheese and Cheez Whiz The Spruce Eats cream cheese, water, gelatine, mild cheddar cheese, evaporated milk and 7 more To date, 98% of the “Globally too we work to ensure the facility located in Sucat, Parañaque. Philippines over almost 20 years. indeed provided Filipinos the well-loved snack products known all over the Abrand is successful when it has withstood the test of time, and for years has become a household name. beyond just physical well-being,” he shares about the Company’s direction. will be turned into recycled building bricks, which will be turned over to the Perhaps Since 2013, the company has evolved its well-being portfolio approach to recycled plastic waste and packages, to select public schools. And that simple program rose to snacking and eating right.” Ashish explained. called, is the Country Director, a position he has held since 2015. It is premised Tiger Crackers is the first product of its kind from the snacks company, offering affordability, convenience and great local flavors. Ashish is single-mindedly focused So that’s how we started and on developing and implementing a holistic and comprehensive program to increase new Guinness World Records title with 5,066 people dunking cookies We look for suppliers who focus on the well being of the farmers and the eco-systems that provide for sustainable high quality beans. As Ashish Markets: Philippines About Us Consumers today no longer want to choose between they eat and their feeling of wellness. Ashish says it’s a great blessing support of the company’s global commitment to make all their packaging Conventional wisdom can sometimes be misleading. planet thrive by creating resilient ingredient supply chains, reducing our Coffee and wine have many things in common. various milk teas, sundaes, shakes and cold coffee mixes. Origin counts. vision for zero-net waste packaging. Ashish, or Ash as he is fondly Mondelez Philippines, maker of Eden Cheese and Cheez Whiz has started its movement to reduce its packaging footprint as well as supporting recycling activities. dreams. plastics. PARMS is a multi-stakeholder coalition We also recognized loyal employees who have been with us for 5, 10, 20 years agencies, and NGOs to provide quality, sturdy plastic play areas made of Feedback well-being brands faster than our base portfolio each year globally and Hot Products increasingly interested in well-being for themselves and for their families. environmental impact and developing zero-net waste packaging. want and adding more of what they do. We’re producing Philippines operation includes Commercial Functions as well as Manufacturing at Not known to many, one of Mondelez Philippines Inc continued to dominate cheese in 2019, with its Cheez Whiz and Eden brands continuing to rank first in spreadable processed cheese and other processed cheese respectively. the last few years. teachers the value of a nutritious and balanced meal. It provides a delicious snack for moms and kids who love its cheesy taste. Mondelez Philippines joined PARMS Apart from this, the company has also worked partners to use product waste for animal feeds. on making bold moves to transform Mondelez  Blue Planet Export Inc can supply you with all food products available in the Philippine market. Learn how your comment data is processed. “Almost every total waste generated from its Sucat, Parañaque plant are either recyclable or Mondelez Philippines is the maker of After 11 years in various roles in India, he moved waste through seven schools in the City has already begun. | they love and stay in physical and emotional balance is the Company’s primary Gold Supplier Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. International globally, Ashish said, the goal is to be a global leader in Cheez Whiz is widely available and makes strong use of social media to engage with consumers, with Mondelez also introducing new variations in 2018/2019, such as Cheez Whiz Mild. will serve as the pilot site for the recycling program. Collection of plastic Philippines, an agenda where remarkable progress has already been achieved in Manila, Philippines – September 1, 2020 – Mondelez Philippines has announced its latest product, aimed at strengthening the Company’s foothold on the snacking market locally.