Knowledge management examples and best practices. ...The Project Management Process Groups The Project Management Process is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project … Effectively maintaining project management knowledge … Knowledge management is an important tool in any company that wants to increase their bottom line and market share. The existing PMMMs have focused on discussing Project Management (PM) practices, however, the management of project knowledge … However, this focus ignores the importance of knowledge … Knowledge management in a project context is a challenging process that is not always effectively handled and monitored impacting performance and success. Project Management Maturity Models (PMMM) shows the development of PMOs from immature to mature levels. Go with the Flow: Sharing Project Management Knowledge by Ian Whittingham, PMP March 25, 2015. Below we have listed the most common types of knowledge management … This is where the importance of knowledge management comes into play. There is often a focus on information management, that is, the development and transfer of explicit knowledge (Groff & Jones 2003). Depending on what the company needs, their knowledge management will look different. Knowledge management was defined by Nonaka and Takeuchi (1995) as the process of applying a systematic approach to the capture, structure, management, and dissemination of knowledge throughout an organization in order to work faster, reuse best practices, and reduce cost of rework from project to project.