And as a bonus, you should be running through thick, green grass with a well-watered soil base. In this way, you can buy the best lawn sprinkler heads … Traveling style sprinklers will move along a track while watering your lawn, which helps with coverage of a large lawn. And the last thing you want to do is stand there with a hose for an hour to soak your soil. Skip to main content .us. And you’ll end up wasting water and flooding one area of your lawn. Doesn’t cover a large area of the lawn. You’ve probably seen these sprinkler heads that just constantly spray water in a circular fan. One problem that plagues those who have large yards is keeping pests away from them. It covers an enormous range of 5,800 square feet, but the spray pattern can be customized into as complex of a shape as you need. The most affordable choice is above-ground because you won’t need to buy an irrigation kit. And there’s little water wasted because you can choose how narrow or wide the coverage should be. As far as drawbacks are concerned, there are two primary complaints. The hose connection can also be an issue, as it could leak. While they may differ in one way or another, there is more to factor in when choosing a sprinkler head apart from its type, design, and size. The shrub sprinkler looks a lot like a pop-up or fixed spray sprinkler, but they are usually a bit smaller. An in-ground irrigation system offers a variety of sprinkler heads and they all water areas a little differently. 5 Best Lawn Sprinklers for Large Area Coverage Comparison, Top 5 Best Lawn Sprinklers for Large Coverage Areas, MELNOR XT OSCILLATING LAWN SPRINKLER WITH WIDTH & RANGE CONTROL, ORBIT 56667N ZINC IMPACT SPRINKLER ON TRIPOD BASE, RAIN BIRD 1804VAN – 4-inch PROFESSIONAL POP-UP SPRINKLER – 5 PACK, Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width & Range Control, The Best Wheelbarrow Money Can Buy : An Informative Guide, The Best Sprinkler Valves for Water Regulation, Best Sprinkler Pumps: Great Choices for Water Conservation, Best Lawn Sprinkler for Low Water Pressure Reviews. Properly placing and adjusting the range of large sprinklers is especially important to avoid over-watering. Where do you start? The Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width & Range Control could be the best sprinkler for a large area, thanks to its wide base, 20 nozzles, or its adjustable width and flow. What type is the right one for your lawn? Sprinkler heads come in varied types, sizes, and designs. If you’re looking for a more permanent method of watering your lawn, then in-ground is your best bet. Check The Latest Price On Amazon . One of the best ways to water an oddly shaped or sized lawn is to use an oscillating sprinkler like this one from Melnor. We understand that such a lengthy article can be a challenge to read at times. Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler. They can be a bit loud, though. 3. If you’re looking for an adjustable angle, both for spray and for rotation, as well as a sprinkler that can be repositioned easily and quickly, this is a good option. Which Sprinklers Are Best For Sandy Soil? When it comes to one of the more ingenious designs for sprinklers, the Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain is definitely at the top of the list. The sprinkler is easily adjusted, even by homeowners. You can adjust the flow of water and the width, which means you’ll be able to water your grass only, and not your sidewalk or driveway. It elevates the sprinkler, which helps with coverage, and it’s a sturdy device. It’ll saturate the soil and get water deep into roots. You would think such a massive sprinkler would be cumbersome, but this one is only three pounds, which makes installation simple. Looking out over your expansive, green lawn is a joy. However, getting an in-ground system will be less work for you daily because you won’t have to move anything. If that’s overkill for your lawn, don’t worry. Sprinkler nozzles are barely the best thing when it comes to facing the wind! On fast, this sprinkler uses the hose’s water pressure to speed along, but it won’t water a ton at a time, and on slow, you get more water to your lawn at a slower pace. 6. There’s no need to install irrigation systems with these sprinklers. Knowing how to choose the right model can end your irrigation woes and make the process not only easy but also fun. The other issue is that higher water pressure may blow the sprinkler head from the base. It also adjusts down to ten feet. The lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt, either. Because this a sprinkler head with long spray distance and you can spray adjust from a 25- to a 52-foot radius, the longest distance in its class. When you need a high-performance sprinkler head with large coverage area then it can be your best choice. And when you have an expansive lawn, you need the best sprinkler for large areas. You can find hose-connected sprinklers that have several holes for streams of water. This sprinkler can discharge water up to 40 feet of your lawn. The 36-foot radius overs a large swath of any lawn, but if you need additional coverage, multiple sprinklers can be attached to one another to extend the range. The issue with the sprinkler head itself is that it’s kind of a crapshoot as to when or how it’ll work. From in-ground to above-ground to just screwing a device onto your garden hose, you have lots of choices when it comes to irrigating your lawn. This is one of the most popular sprinkler heads for your hose, and especially for summer fun. It’s a good thing it has that warranty, too, as there have been several reports of leaky connectors, and it seems to break easily. Before finding out the best sprinkler for windy areas, it’s important to figure one thing out. And the sprinkler has wheels, but these aren’t just for moving it easily. These are also popular for in-ground watering. Being able to adjust to the angles of 30°, 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°, you can reach those hard-to-reach places like corners, so it is very functional. This five-pack of four-inch pop-ups provide an even spray of water that should reach about 60 feet in diameter (so, a 30-foot radius). Having a sprinkler with a large range isn’t the only challenge though. Prime Day is October 13 … Therefore it is wise to choose all by yourself and scrutinize them carefully earlier than buying it. Try Prime. If yours isn’t quite a rectangle, the Gilmour Pattern Master 196SPB is the perfect choice for you. These are usually long devices with lots of holes where water sprays from, and the head oscillates back and forth to cover small, medium, and large lawns. You’ll have to do your research on how to install and adjust these Rain Bird pop-up sprinklers. Specifically, this type of sprinkler is best for shrubs, obviously, but it also works well for planters and trees. Large lawns can be shaped just as irregularly as small lawns. They’re also perfect for running through. When you shut them off, they go back underground. That’s decent when you consider you get five sprinklers in a kit. That’s why we rely on sprinklers to do the job that Mother Nature might be slacking on. The gear-driven sprinkler works well for lawns that are medium to large in size, and they’re quieter than rotating and impact sprinklers. Whether you prefer an in-ground solution, or you want a simple setup that requires you to just attach a hose, there are some great sprinklers out there, and these here are some of the best sprinklers for big yards. Instead of pulling out the hose to water those brown spots, or just living with them, check out our choices for the best sprinkler heads for large yards. BUY NOW ON AMAZON. Although these are made of plastic, they seem durable. You may want to get quick facts from the table below. Sprinkler heads are great tools if you can buy according to your call. And it’s affordable when you consider the lifetime warranty it offers. The Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width & Range Control could be the best sprinkler for a large area, thanks to its wide base, 20 nozzles, or its adjustable width and flow. This means that you won’t be short of coverage because these sprinklers are specifically designed to … It’ll take longer to water the grass to the point that it gets all the water it needs, but it is good coverage. Plus, this doubles as a fun summer toy for children (or you) – who doesn’t love running through the sprinklers when it gets blazing hot out? Also, the water’s course can easily be altered mid-air if the wind is strong enough. If that’s overkill for your lawn, don’t worry. The 10 Best Sprinkler Heads for Small & Large Lawn. Receive news updates via email from this site. It also adjusts down to ten feet. It lives up to its name, with a 106 foot diameter range, which amounts to an 8,500 square foot coverage area. The sprinkler is equipped with aluminum arms that you can adjust for watering small areas or large areas. With a 41 foot maximum range and a brass construction, this sprinkler will be watering your lawn for years.