I would like to write this great song to be more pop and so it’s bout to make any noises with female voices but we’re great singers I have to find out what happened to make anything better. Bang! NO..it's about whoring yourself to someone who is taken.There is NOTHING empowering about using your "kitty" to take a taken man..or woman..is sad and desperate..and empty. mean? Song meanings ©2003-2020 lyricinterpretations.com. She likes a guy but that guy likes someone else and even though that other girl has things she doesn't have, she is saying that she can blow his mind and be the best girlfriend, better than the girl her likes now. You need a bad girl to blow your mind(need someone who can have sex better Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Find more of AJR lyrics. The black slut judges herself as a lumberjack that handles wet wood that can "drip.". The narrative of the song captivated international fans. on MP3: Get MP3 from Amazon Get MP3 from iTunes. so yeah we all had sex today it’s gonna be us 8 and like 20 other ppl it’s a sex party, y’all arnt invited cuz guess what? Wait a minute let me take you there (ah) (orgasm) And tbh I love ari nicki and Jessie and I feel they are BEST FRIENDS at the same time. Specifically “Bang Bang” is about a boy and a girl who played toy guns as children and grew up to marry. I think it's about 3 women competing for the same guy, all of them trying to show what they can do for him sexually. Bang! I agree with most who commented, the song itself is catchy, but if the lyrics were 'mended' and less inappropriate, it'd be perfect. AJR: Bang! Tagged: No tags, suggest one. I just wanna say that this song is sexual, but in a subtle way. What is the meaning of the song "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra? I know it's only a cover by her, but it's the only version of the song I've heard. the classic style vs substance argument. song by AJR. 2 users explained Bang! Thus the title is based on their resolution to leave childhood with a “bang”, as in having as much fun as possible in the name of youth while they still can. IDKnemore. They also want get some back door action. Allegorically, it means that she has been “shot down” by him again. It's a bad song talking about the birds and the bees if you know what I mean. Whenever they say bang bang it's basically a guy orgasming,I mean really?bang bang seat of my car,all over you,I know you want it. bang… Considering the multiple sensual suggestions in the song, it is unlikely they are referring to gunshots, but mainly to bedroom fun! Woman power?? Original lyrics of Bang! document.write('
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