Experimental research cannot always control all of the variables. The qualitative research process uses a smaller sample size than other research methods. It is a process which gives the researchers involved an opportunity to seize significant control over the extraneous variables which may occur, creating limits on the unpredictability of elements that are unknown or unexpected when driving toward results. 7. 2. Experimental research offers the highest levels of control. 4. 2. -Can raise future research questions-Doesn't require a lot of time/money-Allows us to study unusual cases The person’s memories may be selec- It is challenging to know if the data collected through this process offers an element of honesty. This advantage makes it possible to determine if outcomes are viable. Personal drama, political arguments, and workplace deadlines can influence the data that researchers collect when measuring human response tendencies. Experimental research may offer results which apply to only one situation. Outcomes through experimental research come through a process of administration and monitoring. This process allows the parties involved to dig deeply into the possibilities which are present, demonstrating whatever specific benefits are possible when outcomes are reached. The outcomes that are possible come with superior consistency as well. One of the most significant disadvantages of experimental research is that it does not take the ethical or moral violations that some variables may create out of the situation. Experimental research offers results which can occur repetitively. If data must be collected in a natural setting, then the risk of inaccurate information rises. I9��o���XeK8�pRˤ�5z�rZ�Ȯ�:]�����y�֙��h ��� �K,> ��T#�|]��'�H䌛����j � Xn�_g�y���s�K�\�&䂯��˚,`Dr�AȕJ�+���e=[r�s >r�AɅf �hI�\aW.V�D+bM�Y�\��Z�+T/8�K�ي\����(��. 5. H���ے������0��jI38r'Kv*��$&U)�Xp���3 �a�>�slli�e M�����IY��}V�_i�~�d�c���T�,�M���Iw�Zt�2��ɞfV Experimental research does not always seek to find explanations. Bible Commentary Bible Verses Devotionals Faith Prayers Coloring Pages Pros and Cons, 7 Strong Spiritual Warfare Prayers for the Mind, Matthew 5:32 Meaning of Makes Her the Victim of Adultery, Matthew 24:15 Meaning of the Abomination That Causes Desolation, Matthew 10:36 Meaning of Verse and Simple Commentary, Romans 8:11 Meaning of Give Life to Your Mortal Bodies, Romans 4:5 Meaning of Their Faith Is Credited as Righteousness, Philippians 4:11 Meaning of Content Whatever the Circumstances, He Who Is Faithful with Little Meaning and Meditation, Philippians 2:3 Meaning of Value Others above Yourselves. People can shift their focus because they become uncomfortable, are aroused by the event, or want to manipulate the results for their personal agenda. There are results that this method can find which may only apply to that specific situation. The pros and cons of experimental research show that this process is highly efficient, creating data points for evaluation with speed and regularity. If this process is used to determine highly detailed data points which require unique circumstances to obtain, then future researchers may find that result replication is challenging to obtain. This process makes it possible to manipulate the other variables involved to determine the validity of an idea or the value of what is being proposed. Some variables cannot be manipulated in ways that are safe for people, the environment, or even the society as a whole. Experimental research struggles to measure human responses. Variables are controllable on their own or in combination with others to determine what can happen when each scenario is brought to a conclusion. The conclusion can then offer a final value potential to consider, making it possible to know if a continued pursuit of the information is profitable in some way. This makes it possible to determine if a new idea of any type offers current or future value. The discussions on this subject are set by the supporters of both approaches. Although experimental research attempts to control every variable or combination that is possible, laboratory settings cannot reach this limitation in every circumstance. This combination of factors makes it possible to become ultra-specific with the information being received through these studies while offering new ideas to other research formats simultaneously. It is important to distinguish the advantages and disadvantage of both types of research methods and accept that qualitative methods are appropriate for some types of research, e.g. Groups are not always comparable, even if this process provides for more significant transferability than other methods of research. Table 1.3 Research Methods in Psychology: Their Advantages and Disadvantages Method Advantages Disadvantages Case study Good source of hypotheses. The controls which are necessary when performing experimental research increase the risks of the data becoming inaccurate or corrupted over time. Experimental research must isolate each possible variable when a subject matter is being studied. There is always a need to bring an outcome to its natural conclusion during variable manipulation to collect the desired data. Indeed, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The variables can skew in a specific direction if the information shifts in a certain direction through the efforts of the researchers involved. Experimental research offers conclusions which are specific. Advantages of Mixed Methods Research Can You Enjoy. People experience stress in uncountable ways during the average day. When you are working in a world of black-and-white where something works or it does not, there are many shades of gray in-between these two colors where additional information is waiting to be discovered. The issue with human error in experimental research often involves the researchers conducting the work, but it can also impact the people being studied as well. Internal triggers, such as claustrophobia or social interactions, can alter responses as well. One of the most common options utilized today is experimental research. That is why this method is not the correct choice to use in group or individual settings where a human response requires measurement. Request PDF | On Jan 1, 2004, C. Griffin published The advantages and limitations of qualitative research in psychology and education | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Experimental research works with other methods too. That is why it is easier to take an idea of any type to the next level with the information that becomes available through this process. Although one of the advantages of experimental research is that it allows for duplication by others to obtain the same results, this is not always the case in every situation. 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